TinkerPlots Tutorials

Work through these tutorials to get familiar with the many features of TinkerPlots.

TinkerPlots Basics

Learn to enter data, use Sample Documents, stack and order data in different ways, create common graphs, use different icon types to illustrate data, and import data from an external source.

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Analyzing Data

Learn to measure averages and distances, estimate central clumps, see the number or percent of data in a bin, division, or plot, and see the average color in a selected area of the graph.

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Simulating Data

Learn to build a sampler, use a variety of sampler devices to best represent data distributions, use branching devices to reflect real data, and create a sampler with a hidden or locked element.

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Modeling Probability

Learn to model a probability experiment, calculate an attribute, use color to see the different simple outcomes that make up an event, and determine a sample space.

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