Network Installation

Beginning with version 2.3.2, TinkerPlots is designed for multi-user and multi-computer network installations. To install TinkerPlots on a network, follow the 3 steps detailed below.

Step 1: Software installation

Software installation adds all the necessary files, links, and registry entries to run TinkerPlots for multiple users on each computer.

Windows network install

Download and use "TinkerPlots-2.3.3-Windows-Install.exe /silent" for the default command-line installation, using a network installation tool like "PDQ Deploy". Additional command-line installation options are provided by Inno Setup help.

Mac OS X network install

Download and open TinkerPlots-2.3.3-Macintosh-Install.dmg. Copy the entire "Tinkerplots 2.3" folder to the Application folder (on individual computers, or on a shared, read-only network volume).

Step 2: Purchase a multi-computer license

Purchase a 1-year or never-expires license for the desired number of computers (e.g. a 100 computer license) and install using the instructions for Windows or Macintosh above. You will need the activation code from this purchase to register and de-register individual computers as you put them into and take them out of use, so store it in a safe place.

Step 3: Register the individual computers

TinkerPlots registration takes each individual computer out of Preview Mode so users can save, print, etc. De-registration brings a computer back to Preview Mode, so other computers can use that license, up to the total number of computers licensed. You can register or de-register a computer from the command line, or from the TinkerPlots Help menu.

Command Line Registration

You can launch TinkerPlots from the command line to register, de-register, or verify a registration. Using your network command line tools, you can register multiple computers at once.

A. Verify the path to the TinkerPlots program using the command line.

Standard Windows 7 or 8 path:
C:\Program Files (x86)\TinkerPlots2.3\TinkerPlots2.3.exe

Standard Windows XP path:
C:\Program Files\TinkerPlots2.3\TinkerPlots2.3.exe

Standard MacOS path:

B. Run the program with the "--register CODE" parameter, or optionally with the "--silent" parameter.

Sample MacOS command line:
./ --register ABCDEF-123456-GHIJKL-789012 -–silent

Sample Windows 7 command line:
TinkerPlots2.3.exe --register ABCDEF-123456-GHIJKL-789012 –-silent

If you need to test or troubleshoot the installation on one computer, run the command line for a single computer but without the "--silent" option. Then run again using the "--verify" option. See Q&A below for more details.

Registration from within TinkerPlots

For a smaller number of computers it is also possible to register interactively by launching TinkerPlots on each computer. You can also use Help > Purchase Information... to register or find a link to purchase more licenses. To view the activation code or de-register, use Help > License Information....

Questions and Answers

Can I do a test installation of TinkerPlots before purchasing licenses?

Yes. Just download and install TinkerPlots. It will run in Preview Mode until you enter an activation code.

Can I clone/image/duplicate the TinkerPlots installation?

Yes, as long as the cloning, imaging, or duplicating software does not break standard Windows or MacOS applications like TinkerPlots.

Do I have to register the cloned/duplicated/imaged computers after installing TinkerPlots?

Yes. Registration sends the hardware ID of each client computer (student workstation) to the TinkerPlots server. This is a one-time operation; multiple registrations from the same computer only use up a single computer license for an unlimited number of users on that computer.

How do I test a cloned/image/duplicated TinkerPlots?

For a basic test, make sure you can:

  1. Launch TinkerPlots.
  2. Open one of the sample datasets using File > Open Sample Document.
  3. Use Help > TinkerPlots Tutorials to view a tutorial, then if not in Preview Mode, use File > Save then File > Open to save then retrieve a modified document.

Does the cloning/imaging of TinkerPlots also register TinkerPlots on the new computer?

No. Use Step 2 above to register the new computer. Registration will send the hardware ID of the computer to the TinkerPlots server so that it is registered.

I installed an older version of TinkerPlots. How do I upgrade to the multi-user version?

Follow these steps:

  1. (recommended but not strictly required) De-register and de-install the older version from the user account it was originally installed with.
  2. Install the latest version (2.3.3) of TinkerPlots using a Windows or Mac Administrator account.
  3. De-register TinkerPlots (if necessary to remove the single-user registration).
  4. Register TinkerPlots again. This last step sends the computer hardware ID to the TinkerPlots server and stores the registration information for all users.

What are the command-line options?

Standard parameters for Windows and MacOS:

TinkerPlots2.3 --register CODE [--silent]
TinkerPlots2.3 --deregister CODE [--silent]
TinkerPlots2.3 --verify

On Windows, output goes to a dialog box (OK to dismiss) unless you use "--silent" option.
On MacOS, output goes to the console unless you use the "--silent" option.

Can I run TinkerPlots on virtual machines (e.g. Parallels, Citrix Server)?

Yes. We have had no reports of problems with running TinkerPlots on virtual machines running Macintosh or Windows as long as the System Requirements are met.

Does registering a computer multiple times use up multiple licenses?

No. The TinkerPlots server counts each computer once by hardware ID. You can verify this by reading the computer count reported by TinkerPlots at the end of the register/de-register operation.

If a computer is registered by multiple users on the same computer, does it use up multiple licenses?

No. The TinkerPlots server counts each computer once by hardware ID. If one user registers TinkerPlots, then another user on that same computer launches TinkerPlots and it is in Preview Mode, this is a sign that TinkerPlots was not properly installed using Mac/Windows administrative permissions.

How do I de-register a computer after TinkerPlots has been removed?

Go to the License Management page and enter your activation code.

How do I de-register a computer after it has failed, so another computer can be used instead?

Go to the License Management page and enter your activation code.

If you require assistance, contact TinkerPlots support.