TinkerPlots Movies

These ten movies will show you the breadth of what you can do with TinkerPlots.

Click the thumbnails to watch the videos and learn more.

Working through the tutorials will give you more familiarity with specific features of TinkerPlots.

TinkerPlots Basics

Learn how to build your own graphs, make stacked dot plots, and learn other basic features of TinkerPlots.

Adding Data

Learn to enter data into data cards, manually or by pasting from a spreadsheet or importing from the internet.

Making Common Graphs

Learn to make and interpret dot plots, value bar graphs, histograms, and pie graphs.

Comparing Groups

Learn to use graphs with dividers, medians, and hat plots to compare center and spread in two groups.

Exploring Relationships 1

Learn to use time-series graphs and color gradient displays to see how two numeric attributes are related.

Exploring Relationships 2

Learn to use the brush tool and color meter to see how two numeric attributes are related.

Building a Data Factory

Learn to build a sampler and use a graph to make observations about sample-generated data.

Simulating Group Differences

Learn to observe differences in two groups, to use the ruler to compare measures of center, and to use a sampler and the history tool to observe differences in samples.

Probability Simulation

Learn to build and run a sampler, generate the sum of values, and plot and color results to analyze a probability experiment.

Creating Sample Spaces

Learn to modify a sampler and use a counter device to generate a sample space.