TinkerPlots 3 Beta

TinkerPlots 3 is currently in its Beta Testing phase.

It is not currently complete, which means:

  • It may be missing features.
  • It may not be completely stable.

You should only use TinkerPlots 3 Beta if:

  • You are interested in experimenting with the new version of TinkerPlots.
  • You are running macOS 10.15 Catalina (i.e. TinkerPlots 2 will not work).

Missing / Incomplete features

  • Cut/Copy/Paste system is not complete.
  • The PLOT does not have the ability to reverse the direction of its axes.
  • The bundled data/demo files do not exist yet.
  • Many other small miscellaneous features.

Save file format

It is possible to save and load your documents.
The save file extension is .tp3 and these files are not compatible with TinkerPlots 2.
TinkerPlots 2 files are also not compatible with TinkerPlots 3.

During Beta testing, the save file format may change, rendering existing save files un-loadable. Therefore we advise against creating an extensive library of .tp3 files until the Beta phase is over.

Multiple open documents

It is possible to have multiple documents open at the same time.
However, we don't recommend it, as the behaviour may currently be buggy.


TinkerPlots will run in Preview mode until you register it.

  I have read and agree to the TinkerPlots Software License Agreement.